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As the season begins to shift, the summer is waning – consider spending the dark winter months developing your own intuitive skills with the study of tarot, the lunar cycle and astrology – discovering a unique method of combining these intuitive arts.

My Dark Moon Scry Tarot ™ Training Course is a 13 month training course – planned out to align with the passage of the wheel of the year. This training will provide you with the opportunity to discover, develop and apply your intuitive skills for your friends, family and/or clients.

The intuitive art of scrying is an ancient skill using a reflective surface or device, to invite the mind into a relaxed and meditative state to “catch site of” things that we often lose focus of, or we wish to seek greater clarity on.

The phases of the moon are such reflective devices – shaped by the light of the sun’s angle, registering in our eyes for a multitude of millineums, creating a rhythm of light to align us somatically to our environment, etching the tidal power into our cells and dna – developing our ability to recognize pattens, create choices that match up with these patterns and manifest productive communities.

That rhythm is always available for us to align  with, connecting  us with our planet of water,  strengthening emotional intelligence and collective consciousness.



Summer 2015: Epona’s Astrology, Intuitive Archery, Mounted Archery, in Vermont


advent EponaEpona’s Astrology, Intuitive Archery, & Mounted Archery

Summer here in Vermont is a great time for intuitive archery lesson or a small group lesson or event. You may choose to combine Intuitive Archery and Emerging Narrative Astrology ™ with journal work and ceremony.  This is a somatic and meditative way to oen to  changes that are bubbling to the surface or  gain clarity on your next steps. Locations are Central Vermont – Plainfield or Moretown, both in easy proximity to Montpelier – lodging, camping and other sites of interest are available nearby.

Upcoming Public Programs: August 5-9, 2015, I will be co-facilitating our unique Mounted Archery course at Horses and Pathfinders, with Lucinda Newman and the equine team, our third season! Contact me if you have interest in this course, it is a 5 day course, with very limited space. You can also follow the link for more info and registration.

From Mary Anna: Early this June, I had the opportunity to present my research on the Epona asteroid at the American Society of Doswers Annual National Convention. My work involves several years of astrological research, Equine Guided Education, and Somatic Bare Back riding at Horses and Pathfinders. I have found that the placement can certainly suggest a strong connection to horses when located near luminaries, ASC or MC, yes, but more so – the placement  suggests a person’s leadership style and arenas for application.

At the beginnWrening of July, I had an informative social media exchange with French astronomer Alain Maury, who, in 1986, discovered and named the asteroid #3838. He shared with me that he chose the name Epona for this particular asteroid because normally near-Earth asteroids are named after deities, and being French, he chose a Gallic (or Gaulish) divinity – and, also because at the time he worked at the Palomar Observatory and a co-worker rode their horse that day to work!  Alain shared also that he has named other asteroids since then, such as Taranis, Belenos, Ogmios and others. He currently lives in Chile and offers tours of the night sky in Atacama, acclaimed as perhaps the world’s best location for night sky viewing.   1986 was also the same year that HorseAid became involved in the PMU/Premarin controversy and published their investigative findings concerning the abuse of horses at PMU farms and subsequent slaughter of “used up” mares and their newborn foals. Also around that time,  a greater awareness of the relationship that humans can have with horses was beginning to surface, leading to new vistas in equine training programs,  therapies, coaching and  leadership – welcoming a returning and deepening bond with our ancient equine ally.

bright blessings, Mary Anna

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