Mazahra Arts, Mary Anna Abuzahra

Mary Anna with Poppe and AbraCadabra at Horses & Pathfinders, Moretown, VT. Image by Lucinda Newman
Mazahra Arts is located in Central Vermont.. Mary Anna Abuzahra, the owner of Mazahra Arts is an intuitive empath, working with the ancient tools of archery, astrology, tarot and storytelling, providing consultations, instruction and presentations in Vermont and the New England and Atlanta, Georgia areas for over 25 years. Mary Anna is committed to assisting with self development and self awareness through the discovery of strengths, acknowledgement of difficult patterns and the discovery of right timing. Archery Archery is the most honest of sports. The ancient skills of archery seem to be etched into our memory. A shaman's tool, a hunter's tool, a warrior's tool. Remembering this skill engages a deep cellular memory, aides in our current focus to set goals and establish follow through on activities, thoughts, momentum. Storytelling Stories are created, shared and used in many ways. All cultures have similar stories at the foundation of their existence. The patterns of the Sun, Moon, Planets and Stars have helped humans to find their place and path from ancient times until today. Astrology, Tarot and are wonderful starting points to discover the archetypes in life's patterns. The interactions and relationships that humans share with nature - plants, animals, the earth, wind and water are strong elemental pieces that everyone has in common, a language that moves past language; the original language of omens, signs, patterns and myth. Mary Anna holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications & Media, and is certified with the Association Montessori Internationale and in the field of Early Childhood Development and Education. She is ECE Director Level I licensed in Massachusetts and Vermont Northern Lights Certified as Instructor Trainer, Sponsor and Level IV. She is certified through USA Archery for Level II Instructor. She has over 15 years of experience in the field of Early Childhood Education, through the Montessori approach and other curriculum styles, and is trained in NAEYC and Vermont STARS procedures and practices. She also works for Easter Seals, Vermont, in Human Services, providing coaching and support to families in Central Vermont and co-facilitates Mounted Archery intensives with Horses and Pathfinders in Moretown, VT.
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Welcome & Bright Blessings!

Quotes from students, clients and participants: "I just attended my first Dark Moon Scry Journaling group with Mary Anna. Insight, indeed! What a revelation, what an opening! Thank you and see you next month!" "It was great to meet with you and I really enjoyed sitting to work with the month's Moon phases! It felt like such a rare opportunity to focus on my own process!" "Dark Moon Scry Journaling is a fabulous way to learn how the moon affects each of us personally and collectively. I look forward to group each month! I learn so much." "I appreciated your class so very much and think that you're such an effective and profound teacher....i hope you continue down the path of sharing and educating and entertaining for it really seems like a gift that comes easily....thank you." "Great teacher, very knowledgeable." "Thank You Mary Anna! Your presentation was excellent! The workbook is so full of valuable info that is leading me to understand where I am wounded and what I am doing about it. Highly recommend this class! Can't wait for Part II."
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